Desert Wine

1,500 years ago, wine from the Negev desert was imported to Central Europe. It was considered a famous delicacy and the best wine of the Byzantines.

Viticulture in the desert has always been and is still difficult, expensive and risky, but it also produces special wines. The main reason for this is the very long duration of sunshine and the water supply that can be precisely controlled through artificial irrigation. For organic cultivation, it is just as important that desert soils are generally completely free of pollutants because the land has never been used industrially. In addition, due to the dryness, there are no fungal diseases or other pests on the vines, so pesticides are unnecessary.

The sandy soils of the Kubuqi and Ulanbuh deserts were formed in the Holocene and have a high quartz content. Fossil soils lie beneath the sandy surface of the Kubuqi Desert. The grapes grown here produce a particularly elegant, soft, fragrant and low-acid wine.


Organic Viticulture