Hansen Research Institute

In April 2014, Inner Mongolia Hansen Wine Group Co., Ltd. invested one million yuan RMB into the registration and establishment of the Inner Mongolia Hansen Grape Industry Research Institute. The institute is mainly engaged in basic research, new products, new technology and research related to the sustainable development of grape industrialization. It carries out research and development projects on new wine products and new processes, planting, seedlings, cultivation, irrigation, refinement and breeding. Current research topics also include grape skin and seed deep processing, cold-resistant varieties, stress-resistant grape rootstocks and improved seedlings.

The company has applied for patents in the field of organic fertilizers (including 2 invention patents accepted by the National Patent Office and 1 utility model patent). Among them are scraper type quick freezer, machine discharge port unloading mechanism, stainless steel grape hopper for wine production, automatic cleaning sterilization filter wine filling machine, sterilization filter machine for wine production and grape sterilizer for wine production stem crusher, anti-clogging pomace pump for fruit distillation wine production, rotary sprayer. Wine fermentation tank, an easy-clean bucket elevator for wine production, research on Wuhai wild lactic acid bacteria, and an automatic rehydration device for controlled fermentation temperature glycol freezers.

At present, Hansen products are famous brand products in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and Hansen brand is a well-known brand in China and a famous brand in Inner Mongolia. It has passed the EU dual certification for organic grapes and wine. The product has won a national invention patent, a third prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and 97 international awards.

Source: Wuhai Municipal Science and Technology Bureau