A Vision

Twenty-five years ago, my oldest brother, Shengping Han, had a vision and three goals. In the deserts of Kubuqi and Wulanbuhe in his homeland, Inner Mongolia, he foresaw lush viticulture.

The wine production he founded in Wuhai was intended, firstly, to combat desertification and thus make a contribution to improving the global climate. Secondly, the health of consumers should be improved through certified organic cultivation and processing according to international quality standards, while at the same time taking into account important principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Thirdly, he aimed to help combat poverty of local farmers by concluding fair contracts with them for organic contract viticulture.

To this day, he and after him my second brother, Jianping Han, have realized his vision. Chateau Hansen Winery Group Co., Ltd. is the market leader in Inner Mongolia’s wine sector with an annual production of 20,000 tons of wine and a brand known throughout China. Since 2011, Chateau Hansen has also successfully exported wines to the EU.

In Inner Mongolia alone, Chateau Hansen has already transformed 6,700 hectares of desert into thriving wine-growing regions. There are also further Hansen vineyards with 240 hectares in the neighboring province of Ningxia. The organic wines are certified according to Chinese and EU rules. The income of local farmers has multiplied.


Environment and Climate